It is very important that we talk about data. Although we don’t run a rent roll we are property managers and we have a long history of working in the industry, so we understand the issues at stake.

Many terms of service are legalistic and hard to understand. We’ve done the best we can with ours, but we know it can still seem a little overwhelming. For all the detail, see our End User License Agreement, or EULA, here, along with the Insights Module Terms here.

To help you understand what it all means, set out below is a simple explanation so that you know exactly what is going on.

Your data

First things first, we recognise that your data is your data. It is not our data and we do not have the right to sell or otherwise use your data except for the very narrow purposes described in the next paragraph. We do not have the right to ring up or email your landlords and we do not have the right to sell or market services to your tenant.

Secondly, we create new data from the aggregated and anonymised view of your data. Say, for example, 20 different offices in Sydney use the Insights Module. We use your data, pooled with other agencies’ data, to create anonymised averages and trends. You can think of it like census data. You share your personal information in the census, and the population gets to see averages but not your information.

We own the averages and the trends because it constitutes a new dataset. To repeat the above, we do not own the actual arrears rate in each of the 20 offices, just the aggregated and anonymised data that relates to it. We plan to use those averages and trends in reports that we believe can benefit the industry as a whole.

Personal information

Importantly, we want to assure you that the personal information of any individual customer you upload to the Insights Module will not be shared by Apmasphere with any third parties. Nor will we use this personal information to contact the individuals for any purpose, including for direct marketing purposes.

Personal information may be used as inputs into the aggregated and anonymised reports we create, however, the very nature of these reports mean that all personal information used will be de-identified.

If you would like more detailed information on how we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information, please see our privacy policy which is available at

Lastly, the Insights Module does take the data from your server. We do keep a copy of it. Our holding of, and use of, your data is governed by the terms of our EULA and the Module Terms, which we have summarised above.

Can you trust us? Well, the EULA and Module Terms are contracts which we are bound by. But more importantly, we rely on you for the continued success of our business, and would never want to break your trust.

We hope that this explanation is clear and helpful.

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