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Is there such a position?   4 replies   4 voices
rentals_keira Keira Biddle on Sep 16, 2010 10:24am
Property Manager  Burke & Smyth  TAMWORTH  NSW

So I have recently been doing a lot of thinking about the roll I play in the company and the real estate industry, and utilising my strengths in order to create a positive future for myself. (I am HIGHLY ambitious, and have big goals for myself!)

So i was thinking… is there such a roll in the property management or sales areas that deal with what I am good at?

I am very heavily into improving customer service and wonder whether or not there is a specific roll out there that deals mainly with this?

For example I have just created the excel spreadsheet budget which Apmasphere will be releasing on my behalf shortly, I have also tailor designed new listing packs for my department, as well as personal instruction and information landlord booklets for new and existing landlords, landlords who have strata properties, smoke alarm booklets, pool legislation and maintenance booklets, tenant booklets, and am in the process of researching and creating a new emergency budget spreadsheet just to name a few things. 

 I am a heavy believer that investing should be run as a business, not a hobby, and so most of my stuff reflects this attitude.

Is there a roll in either sales or property management that deals specifically with these things?

Freeman Dale Freeman on Sep 16, 2010 4:38pm
Property Management Principal   Ray White City Living  Sydney  NSW

Keira’s budget planner looks Amazing, stay close to ampasphere to see this shortly.

A great way to put your ambition and creativity to good use for the benefit of the business is to understand the below 3 points and then review the business to find ways to increase profit and revenue.

1. How much does it cost to manage a property in your business?

2. What is the Gross fee per property per year?

3. What is the difference in the above two numbers, therefore the profit?

Hence look at where fees can be charged for particular services that currently aren’t being charged for and how an office can reduce daily running costs further.


rentals_keira Keira Biddle on Sep 16, 2010 4:44pm
Property Manager  Burke & Smyth  TAMWORTH  NSW

Well something that I am looking at is charging for renovations. I manage quite a few renovations for my landlords, and between sourcing tradespeople, quotes, approval of prices, monotoring work and organising payment it takes up quite a bit of my time! therefore i was thinking that we should charge 3% of the total amount of the item i am monotoring, in order to bring some of this revenue back.

Im also looking at stopping paper statements to all except those who dont have a computer, and implementing manditory email statements and invoice copies to landlords, as well as routines, condition reports etc. We email it now, but also print a copy off.

We’ve just implemented a charge of 8% including GST on all water bills as well.

Im more interested in ensuring that our customers receive the best possible support for their money, and that everyone goes into the transaction (tenant, landlord and agent) with the right expectations.

BrockF Brock Fisher on Sep 16, 2010 5:21pm
National Training Manager  Rental Express  Gold Coast  Queensland

Hi Keira,

From what you have written – I see two distinct paths…..

Sounds like you would be well suited to a senior style role in a large property management business where you would essentially be working “on” the business, as opposed to “in” the business. Improving procedures, standards and performance generally in all facets of what the department is doing. Generally needs to be a large rent roll to have the resources to have a role such as this, because it is a non dollar-productive role to a certain degree – although it clearly has dollar related benefits in the bigger picture, which is where the benefit and justification comes from in needing that type of person in a big business.

Or you could do something like I am doing presently – and do business development in a sales capacity. The new wave of “prospecting” is generally more focussed around providing clients with great customer service when they don’t need it, so when they do, they come straight to you. It’s obviously a lot more detailed than that, but that is the general gyst of it.

We work in a high value, low volume marketplace, so the end result is that there are more than sufficient results to justify the cost of having me do it. Alternatively, in a lower value, but higher volume focussed marketplace – I think one person could potentially drive that sort of role for a number of sales people, say a team of 3, so that their costs supplementing the role are shared, but the dollar benefits and rewards are still there.

I hope that might assist you in some way.

Regards, Brock

GaryP Gary P on Sep 16, 2010 8:56pm
Property Consultant  Trust RE  Fairfield  NSW

I think that would involve a customer service co-ordinator/business development role. In real estate sales, a few rare agencies have a percentage of the commission going to the company for purely company generated business (as opposed to salesperson/property manager generated). The company has staff who work on the company newsletter etc and sending it out and keeping in touch with the current and past clients, while the salespeople/PMs focus on the core sales/PM activities.

It is not about how much fees are charged, but how these activities can bring in more business.

A role like that is suitable for staff who are creative or innovative like Keira is.

I’d like to implement some of that, but it is only when there is spare time. Recently, I have tried to mix it in with the normal work.

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